Cooperation between Ernst Pohlmann and Dongdixin


Ernst Pohlmann is a well-known German physiotherapist, who has been working as a physiotherapist for over 40 years. In 1980, Pohlmann founded his own unique treatment concept "Das Pohlmannkonzept®", it is combining his own years of clinical work experience and practice, mainly focuses on the treatment of the Atlas C1 and the whole body balance system. "Das Pohlmannkonzept®" manual therapy is highly practical and curative, and has been widely praised by  the majority of patients, and also the German rehabilitation community.

In January 2017, George Zhao came into contact with the "Das Pohlmannkonzept®" manual therapy. Due to the business reasons, George did research on the manual therapy for the spine. Compared with the manual therapy he had been experienced before, "Das Pohlmannkonzept®" manual therapy have many unique features. After inquiring, we found that Pohlmann is already a popular physiotherapist in Germany, he already has many students and great influence in Germany. Therefore George would like to introduce it into China and started to plan after returning to China.

In June 2018, George personally led the team to visit Pohlmann in Wagenfeld, Germany. Pohlmann warmly received George and his team, and introduced his clinic and the core technologies of "Das Pohlmannkonzept®". Pohlmann believes that, it is an affirmation of himself, that his ideas and technologies can be recognized by China, which is far away in the east. At the same time, he is also willing to share his own experience and technology with the Chinese Physiotherapist. Both sides conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions, and initially confirmed the cooperation method and project, and already confirmed that Pohlmann will come to Shenzhen to visit Dongdixin in April 2019, and hold a 5-day "Das Pohlmannkonzept®" manual therapy training in China. The German local media magazine KLÖNSNACK has a special report on the cooperation between George Zhao and Ernst Pohlmann.

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